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First thing we would like you to do is take a deep breath and grab a Tea or Coffee... now 

it’s a website owner’s worst nightmare: You type in your domain, but instead of seeing your beautiful website design, you’re greeted with a blank screen or errors.

Then come the questions, How long has it been down? What went wrong? And more importantly, how do you fix it as soon as possible?

Sooner or later, all website owners go through that panic-inducing experience. There are innumerable causes of website outages, including:

  • A minor mistake in your website’s code
  • Scheduled server maintenance by your web host
  • Hacker attacks
  • Viral traffic (also known as the “Digg effect”)
  • Deliberate DDOS attacks
  • Natural disasters wreaking havoc on your data centers

Website outages aren’t just an annoyance — they can be very costly for businesses. Amazon reportedly lost $66,240 per minute when it was down briefly in 2013 ! Your business may not be the size of Amazon’s, but downtime can still be deadly.  But it not just an inconvenience with missed revenue in some cases it affects employee productivity. Double whammy! 

And don’t forget the other costs of downtime like loss of customer loyalty, losing business to your competitors, and the impact on your business’s reputation. Imagine visiting a company’s website for the very first time, and being greeted with error messages or a blank screen.
How would that influence the way you view that company?
On the web, your website is the face of your company, and you don’t want to give the wrong first impression.

When you own a website for any length of time, downtime is unavoidable: it will happen sooner or later.

OK, the first step is to identify why the site down checks your hosting provider for any downtime, maybe submit a support ticket with them explaining your website is down.
Downtime caused by Some Hacker attacks - Viral traffic (also known as the “Digg effect”) - Deliberate DDOS attacks - Natural disasters wreaking havoc on your data centers Any hosting provider worth their salt will assist in getting you back up and running.

If you are seeing errors & you don't understand code/ your website language your best bet is to seek help.

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YES we can help with your website. 

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